Export HTML to web doesn't work

puludd shared this question 7 years ago


I have exported my prototype to html, and I took all the files that was created and put them onto our webb.

When I try to access the site on internet I get the menu to the left with all my screens but when I click on one menuitem it doesn't respond.

After a while a messege appears on the screen saying

"Page Not Found

This may be due to an error during the HTML export. Please verify if the page exists. "

What is wrong?

Best regards Anna

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Try to deactivate comments in the generated HTML. In Prototyper you can deactivate this going to File->Preferences->General and unchecking the option 'Include comments in HTML'. In Usernote you can do the same if you click on 'Create Test' and open the test link.

However, this is not an expected behaviour and we will work on it to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Best regards


Oh hey, this is still an issue in 4.4 - your fix fixed it though :D thanks