Expand "New Data Grid" dialog so it becomes "Data Grid Designer"

Michael Magoon shared this idea 7 years ago

While most of Justinmind is quite easy to use, I find that I it difficult to set up new Data Grids, particularly if I am not doing the standard "one-field-per-column" layout. The "New Data Grid" dialog is useful, but I think that it could be pushed a little further.

1) Add Column Number field to each "Data Master Field" entry (on bottom right). This would make it much easier to assign multiple fields to one column. The default could be a sequential "1" for the first field, "2" for the second field, etc.

2) Add "Number of Columns" field. This is much easier than deleting many columns in the workspace. The default could be the number of fields selected in the "Data Master Field".

3) Add "Table Width" field, "Row Height" fields and "Do not display header row" checkbox.

4) Display a Preview of Data Grid with correct number of columns and correct fields in each column. Enable user to select cells, rows, columns or entire table only (i.e. do not allow selection of fields). Make it clear with highlighting which of the four is actually selected. Not being able to select fields will make it much easier for users to select the correct item.

5) Once a cell, row, column or table has been selected, enable users to fully customize it using the Data Grid properties. This should probably display within the Data Grid Designer so it is obvious that it is actionable.

When the Data Grid Designer has been closed, the user can then customize fields within cells. Because all the cells have already been properly formatted, this should be much easier than under the current implementation.

Hope that helps.

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One more:

When user double-clicks Data Grid within workspace, the Data Grid Designer displays.