Execute a calculation dynamically (on-the-fly) to populate a field of a filtered data master

jonlonon shared this question 4 years ago

I could not find this particular issue in the community Q&A, so hopefully someone can follow my explanation and provide some input.

Brief perspective:

I have a dynamic panel that correctly displays all the fields during simulation. During design, these fields were dragged to it from a data master. I can scroll up and down through the data that is laid out in the format I desired in that single panel, and I can choose to filter the data using buttons on the prototype and refresh to re-display as needed. I have a pretty solid understanding of the Justinmind tool, but my need may require a work around approach I cannot quite figure out.

Problem (numbered only to ease your understanding of current process and need):

1. There is a field in my data master that holds a numeric date value for the day when a new record was added.

2. The same formula that calculated this value is used to calculate the number representing today, of course, and I perform that equation each time the page is refreshed (just in case the day changes while the user is in the app).

3. Note: I also have a data master field that holds the result of the difference between the two numeric date values, which gives me the "days since" the record was added, and which may or may not be important to the solution I need.

4. The point is that I have this formula to get the "days since" field value, but the problem is that each time a user refreshes the page, my calculation needs to be executed either during the filter process so that the field on the page is updated dynamically for ALL the records in my scrollable list (and display just as they correctly display presently for all the static data from the data master, BUT with the new calculated value showing in that field uniquely for each filtered record pulled from the data master); OR I need to understand how to update that specific "day since" field in the data master on-the-fly ONLY for the fields returned in my filter so that I then turn around and retrieve the updated "days since" record that I have just set on those same filtered records when a fresh filter is of course applied to get the latest data.

5. I basically need to know how to use my math formula "only once" to dynamically perform the math WHEN OR WHILE the filter is being applied on the data master. I don't even mind if this is a wholly dynamic operation where the data master does not get updated but only the math gets done on the field for each unique record in the filter. In fact, I prefer the latter because it would not require excessive writing/reading of the data master outside the filtered read (which will likely carry a high resource cost).

6. Again, each "day since" value will be different, but I don't know how to do that calculation on the fly when I use a filter.

I hope that was clear and that a solution can be suggested. Thanks again!