event interactions disappear when I switch between pages

Anya Kolty shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

My master object holds my site navigation and when I switch from one page to another and then go back to the previouse page all of the events that I had done on that page disappaer. To be more spevific here is what happens:

On page 1 I have several events such showing and hiding certain parts of my UI and change styles of some objects when I click some buttons.

If I switch to a page 2 and then go back to page 1 all of those interactions and events are not there anymore, in other words everything looks as if I just loaded this page for the first time and have not done or clicked anything there.

What do i do??

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All the styles are restarted when you go from one page to another, even the ones in templates and masters. If you want to keep some kind of 'state' from page to page you need to use variables and then create 'on page load' events that controls which state to show in each case.