Error message on launch after upgrading to Java 8.5

Julie Khoper shared this problem 4 years ago

I recently upgraded to Java 8.5 after I was told JIM isn't compatible with Jave 7.55 (I'm a Mac user). After the upgrade, I started getting an error message "See the log file /Users/username/Justinmind/5.6.1/.metadata/.log." and JIM wouldn't open. Please help!

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Hi Julie,

Could you send the log files to at justinmind dot com so we can figure out what is going on?

Folders and files starting with "." are hidden by default in Finder. To be able to see them in finder and therefore be able to send them to us please take a look at this step by step tutorial on how to show them. You will also find how to hide them in this tutorial.