Error generating custom report on mac

Israel Torres shared this problem 5 years ago

When generating a custom report with ms word, I get the error "Invalid template format. Please check you have a valid XML template file".

I do not get the error for the screen report on ms word.

Where is located the "hierarchy.xml" on mac? How to solve the issue?

I am on Mac OS X v10.7.5, MS Word for mac 2011 v14.2.5 and running Prototyper Pro v5.1.0.

Thanks in advance.

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Could you try to generate it without including the 'Site Map' in the report?


Without including the 'Site Map' in the report, it tries to create the report.

But then, I am getting the following error:

'Animation start' has encountered a problem. On Details: An internal error occurred during 'Animation start'. Java heap space.


It's weird. How many components(screens,templates,masters,data masters,..) do you have on your prototype?

Did you try to restart the application and see if you get this same error again?