Enhancement Request: Save open/selected tabs in editing canvas across saves

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

Although I know that I can open the "Screens" panel and re-eopen any tabs that I might want to work with in a session, it would be far more convenient if Justinmind remembered what tabs were open and which was selected when a given prototype is re-opened.

This would be especially helpful given that I sometimes have to quit and restart Justinmind every hour or so because it forgets how to be a computer program (for example, forgets that command-click adds/removes an item in the outline from the selection, or forgets that the command or option key can be used in text areas of the properties panel to move the text cursor by a word or to the end of the line).

Having to manually go to the Screens tab and re-opening any tabs that I want to work on, after re-opening the last project from the "Welcome" screen, wastes a lot of time.

PS: I haven't reported a bug about the "forgetting how to be a computer program" situation, because I haven't been able to find a pattern that you would be able to reproduce. It just seems to happen every so often on my Mac.

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Hi Dave,

I'll forward your request to the development team and we will let you know in which release this will be added as soon as we know.