Enhance Masters and Templates

newbee shared this idea 4 years ago

It will be great if we can use a master in another master as deeper as we want (same with templates) and get all the informations about that using the API just like it's provided for tha masters and the templates now.

This will help us to get more ruesable common objects.

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Thank you for your suggestion, we are always glad to hear what the customer needs and I will add this to the customer wish list.

You will be notified when this feature is available in a future release, but unfortunately this won't be included in the next release in two months.

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Thanks for your consideration



I like the 6.3.1 version of JIM. But the master remains lake and hard to use il we need a complex interface with lot of screens and several buttons.

Is there a plan for master improvements

Thanks a lot


Hello Newbee,

The team at JustInMind is always looking to make improvements in subsequent versions. If there is a particular change you would like to see, we would be happy to consider it.




Thanks for answer,

Yes I do.

There is many feathers that I would like to have on JIM.

The main are:

1- Creating a master using other masters as internal objects.

2- Adding events on master imstances just like we can do with basic widgets. Somthing like (hope better then) what axure did with the rise event on a master object. This will be helpful to interact master instances withe other objects on a screen.

3 - A text style definition: associating a style to text widget instances and each the style is change the text widgets will be updated. We this solution we can define many styles for different page titles, headers or buttons.

All this features will really improve the fast prototyping and complete justinmind.

I hope will be considered for soon,

Thanks a lot.