Element properties advance by two the first time I click the up or down arrow

Tyron Yamaguchi shared this question 4 years ago

Whenever I attempt to change the numeric position or dimension properties by clicking on the small up and down arrows next to appropriate fields in the 'properties' window, the first time I click, it advances by two. This is extremely annoying. I hope this is an issue with my Logitech Performance MX Mouse. I already check the mouse preferences and the logitech control panel. Anyone else having this issue?

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I've verified that this problem happens with other input devices - my touchpad on my laptop as well.


Does this happen with all your elements? And with all the properties?

Please give me as much information as you can on what kind of computer you are running prototyper in, the prototyper version and on what steps you are following for this to happen.

We will try to simulate the error in our offices and get back to you and figure out what is going on.


Thanks for your reply. Answers to your questions:

1. Yes it does, whether static, shapes, containers, input, navigation and data grids.

2. Yes on all properties with in the up and down arrows (position, size, padding, border, etc.). It also occurs on the border properties checkboxes.

3. The issue seems to be isolated on the OS X version of Prototyper Pro 5.6.1. I cannot repro the bug on the Windows, version 5.6.1.

Repro Steps on OS X Mavericks (10.9.2) running on a 15" Macbook Pro Retina (also observed on iMac 27"):

1. Start Prototyper Pro

2. On welcome screen: select "Create New Prototype"

3. In "Create a new prototype" modal window, leave default settings (predefined, 1024 x 768). Click 'Next' button.

4. On the second 'Create a new prototype' screen in the modal windown, leave default setting (An Empty Prototype). Click 'Ok' button.

5. On the blank document, drag a label widget onto the page (or any other widget). Note its x coordinate position.

6. With the label selected on the document, access the 'Properties' panel, and under 'Position and size' increment the 'x' position by clicking on the up (or down) arrow.

Expected result:

1. Label element is now at position (n+1), where n is the previous x coordinate position of the label element prior to pressing the up arrow.

2. Label element has moved by one pixel to the right in the document.

Actual result:

1. Label element is now at position (x+2).

2. Label element has moved by two pixels to the right in the document.

Notes: Subsequent presses of the arrow while the label element is selected, will only increment the x position by 1, not 2 pixels like the first press. If the element is deselected and then selected again, clicking on the up arrow on the x position will increment its x position by two again. It only seems to occur the first time you interact with a property on a selected element.

This also happens to the check boxes for the border properties, which causes them to toggle on and off, which is incredibly annoying and time draining.


We have been looking for similar cases reported and we haven't found any, we have also been trying to reproduce the error in our computers but we haven't been able to reproduce the bug. We will keep trying different scenarios but in the mean time, could you find out if this is only in your computer or if it happens in other computers?

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