Efficient way of working with masters for Cancel, OK, Next buttons etc

smaranda.calin shared this question 4 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm new to Justinmind (Switching from Axure btw, due to lots of unnecessary frustration) and I have a question. Whats the most efficient way to tackle the following problem:

I am making a project for an embedded system where I have 60-70 screens. In this project, I have cancel buttons, ok buttons, back buttons, next buttons etc that always look the same and never change in appearance or size. The only thing that changes is where they navigate - i.e. I need to link them to different screens accordingly. Now, I would definitely like to create masters for these elements that are repetitive in order to speed up my workflow. My problem is that I have tried to do that and I can't find a way to still keep the components of the OK button (which is a rectagle and a checkmark on top of it) in a master AND add a different link on that button on a case by case basis. Whenever I try to use one of my buttons, the events panel is empty. And I can't drag it on top of another screen to create a link. Am I doing something wrong? Would you suggest another way of handling this? Do I have to put a hotspot on top of every button if I want to keep the master capabilities?

Please note that I have tried both with grouped an upgrouped elements as part of the master. I later found out that it's not possible to add an event to a group in Justinmind. This is a bit of a strange limitation, but I guess there's a workaround as long as you can drag all items at the same time onto a page an create a link at the same time.

Thanks for the help.