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Galina T shared this problem 5 years ago


We are working on the school project prototype and still can't figure out why our Edit Information in the Shopping cart doesn't work properly. We have a couple issues:

1) When we simulate, our Services screen shift on the side and covers our Colonial Parking logo.

2) Customer can't edit or remove shopping cart items because when a customer removes "-" items from the Check out Consent screen, it permanently removes those services from the Services screen (previous screen).

3) Our Grand Total on the Checkout Consent screen doesn't change when a customer removes "-" services on that same screen.

Below is our actual current prototype, please let us know ASAP what exactly we are missing.

Our email: user

pass: password


Thank you so much! We really appreciate your help!

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1) Does it happen in the simulator or in a iPad?

2) and 3) It seems that you miss to include an event when you remove a row. Send me your prototype to jim.support@justinmind.com and I will try to see what's missing.