Editing multicategory records

Matt Mawford shared this problem 5 years ago

I'm using Prototyper Pro 5.1 on Windows.

I've created a multicategory type field in my data master with 3 prevalues. When I attempt to set the value of this field in the records table, I can only choose a single prevalue from a drop down:


The documentation says this:

To edit a Multicategory record just click on the corresponding cell in the 'Records Table' and type any text matching some of the values in the values' range defined. You can type more than one value in the range using comas to separate them. Ej: You can type 'USB,Firewire' if you defined the values 'USB','Bluetooh','Firewire' for the multicategory field.

Is this a bug, a mistake in the documentation, or something I'm doing wrong?

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It's a bug. Before you had to guess which were the values in a category so we changed the text editor by a drop down. We just forgot to take into account multicategories. Thanks for reporting. Once we know when we have it fixed I'll tell you. Meanwhile you can try to define the values in a csv and import it in the data master. Hopefully the data will remain in the multi categories.


Thanks for quick response - and confirming that I'm not going stupid.

Looking forward to the fix.


Fixed in version 5.5