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Editing a row in a data grid: Drop down on a "Select List" input widget (iOS7) does not bring up all options; just selected row value only

mellow312 shared this question 5 years ago

am trying to edit a row in a data grid - from another screen - form with mix of text and "Select list input widgets. (My "select list" widget's values come from a "data Master field" and it is set as editable in the properties tab)

did all the four steps in the tutorial video: 1) storing a data grid row in a variable, 2.) creating a form page and 3.) creating an "On page load" event on each of my data input widgets using "Set Value - [ Select (data grid, entity in data master)] and 4) create a "modify" button with a data master action event to update every form field. (Am not using a confirmation page)

During simulation (iOS7), however, my "Select list" widget - does not allow me edit using the drop down menu. The selection wheel comes up but it displays only the existing value of the row selected. So can't really modify/update.

I've tried to change the "On page load" specification to a data master (as opposed to data grid row variable) - and I was able to make selections from the drop down widget but the default value loaded was not that of the selected row.

Please help.