Edit row inside the table / datamaster

kakuda shared this question 7 years ago


is it possible to edit a row directly inside the data master table? I tried different solutions, but I could not get it to work.

My table looks like this:


The new row, I created with the Data Master new Action. Afterwards I want to edit the row and klick "Neu Speichern" and save the changed value. But this does not work. Either the edited value disappears or I see [Sendungen.AWB]


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On the field you want to allow to be edited, you can simulate an 'in-place' edit like this:

Add an OnClick Event handler which:

1. Enables the input

2. Changes the style - I give mine a pink background

3. set the Focus to the input

Then add an OnChange handler:

1. Changes the style back again

2. do a Data Master action: Modify(Filter(,id=), field1=xx, field2=yy,...fieldtochange=....)

3. Set Value on the DataGrid and drop the DataMaster into the blank box

Step 2 is the clever bit.... the filter ensures you only modify the row in the data master that you're editing. You can set any of the fields, but for edit-in-place you'll probably only want to change 1. set the others the Text Constants (Aaa) and leave blank.

Step 3 just refreshes the display.




Great answer Russell! Thanks for helping!