Dynamic Panel & Data Master Registration Form With Confirmation

Richard Benson shared this question 6 years ago

Hi I am having trouble with a dynamic panel registration form with confirmation.

in panel1 I have a name and email with a button all created by dragging a data master on to the panel

in panel 2 I have dragged the 2 labels on to the second panel this should be the confirmation I have dragged the variables to the corresponding labels and added a confirmation button.

This created the on page load event but during the simulation the confirmation info does not show up.

I have follow this video http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/... the only difference is I have opted to use dynamic panels not pages

So how can I create an "on panel load" so to speak

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You don't need to use variables if all the interactions happen in the same screen. Take a look at this tutorial, it explains a similar case than yours:



Thanks Victor i will have a go at that one