dynamic panel alignment and registration

Ron Schlegel shared this question 4 years ago

Because dynamic panels register element position from the left, flyouts must be designed to fly to the right. Otherwise, the invisible panel will extend into adjacent elements to the left, thus blocking all underlying interactivity. This becomes a real problem when links are positioned to the far right side of the screen.

Designers would greatly appreciate being able to specify whether dynamic panel content aligns and registers to the top-left, top-right, bottom-right, or bottom-left corner of a dynamic panel.

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I think I don't follow you. There is a set of properties under the name of 'Layout' in the Properties tab of a dynamic panel that seems to do what you describe. Is that what you were looking for or did I misunderstand you?


If I need to position a dynamic panel to the far bottom-right side of the screen, so that it will properly display a very wide content on a click, I need to align and register each state to the bottom-right side of the dynamc panel. However, this is not really possible, as JIM aligns and registers all content to the top-left side of the panel. When in the default (closed) state, the panel continues to cover the underlying content, thus blocking all interactivity beneath the panel.

See attached screenshot image.



Could you send the prototype (or a small version of it) to jim.support at justinmind.com please? We will take a look and make it for you.


The Layout properties in the Properties panel will align the elements inside a dynamic panel, but not the panel layers.

Try this simple task:

1. Create a dynamic panel with 2 states:

state a: 50px wide button or menu widget in closed (default) state

state b: the button or menu widget in open state- The open state will reveal a 400px wide rectangle filled with content of any type.

2. Position the dynamic panel to be aligned to the right edge of the screen, also near the bottom of the screen fold-line.

3. Test- When user clicks to open the panel, the content extends beyond the edges of the screen.

Solution- Enable dynamic panels to be aligned:

a. top-left

b. top-right

c. bottom-left

d. bottom right


I should add that:

Although the solution may APPEAR to be to simply aligning the button and all content to the right, this will result in the LEFT-ALIGNED panel covering all underlying content and blocking all underlying interactivity. The alignment of the PANEL needs to be set to the right, along wt the content.