Dropdown and CAll button

Ychan Landicho shared this idea 5 years ago

how to make a dropdown then skypeID, and call button


when drop down i will select cars

then when i click on car the i will call them via the button

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thank you!

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Hi Ychan,

it's not possible to use the skypeID in our software, but you can use the tel: protocol instead.

First, add a button and a select list on your work space.


Then, write all the values in your list.

Now, select the button, go to the events tab and add an event. You have to add a condition for each car you have added on your list. So, click on "Add a condition" and build the following expression. Just drag the selection list, add the text function "has" and write the value of the first car. then click ok.

Now, select the "link to" interaction, click on "external address" option and write inside the "url:" textbox, tel:XXXXXXXXXX. Remember to add the international telephone code before the phone number(+ and country code).

This is for one car. You can copy the full expression and paste it as many times as values you have and then change the conditional expression and the phone number for each one.

I hope it helps you.