Drop-Box Interaction

mikeallen7 shared this problem 4 years ago

Two interrelated questions:

Question #1:

Is this tutorial up to date?:


I am trying to add interactions to a drop-down box and the drop-down widget shown in the widget is not even an option in the Just In Mind software (Pro Version). In fact, there are no standard drop-down boxes in Just In Mind. Accordingly, I am using the Twitter Bootstrap and Window's UI versions.

Question #2:

Basically, what I want to do is to make a input text field to appear when Option A is selected in my drop-down box and for it to be hidden otherwise. The steps I am taking should work... I think. My sequence of interactions are (1) Hide Input Text Field upon page load, (2) Show Input Text Field if Option A is selected else Hide Input Text Field. This is not working.

So, two inter-related questions:

a) Is this tutorial correct or is this functionality broken?

b) is my logic correct or please suggest alternative logic?


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Hello Mike,

#1 - there are 2 drop down menus available: "Select List" and "Custom Select List" available under the "Input" Widgets. For the Twitter Bootstrap, there is also a drop down menu called "Select"

#2 - Your logic is almost correct to hide the input text field

(1) Set the input text field as automatically hidden


(2) The drop down menu should have the following events:

The only issue that I come across is that when I simulate this within the prototype, the input text box is not visible. However, if you place the cursor over the input text field and click the input text field, you will see the blinking cursor and be able to type after "Option A" is selected from the drop down menu.

Hope this helps.