drag and drop (SOS)

Argyro Fragouli shared this problem 4 years ago


I have been trying for day to find a solution to my problem but i did not succeed!!

Well,i made an image draggable. Then i simulate and drag it to the position i want (that is inside a scroll panel).But when i scroll the panel vertically, the image does not move vertically as the rest of the content.It remains at the position i had dropped it.

I do not know if I explained it well and if there is any solution, but any help would be appreciated!!


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Hello Argyro,

Under the "on Drag" event, click "Move" on the left sidebar, select the "With cursor" radio button and the "Both axis" radio button, and tick the "Constraint by parent container" check box.

Hope this helps.


Hi Marjo,

unfortuntunately this didn't work."Constraint by parent container",don't let me move the image from its start position.But what i need, is something else.Simulating my prototype,i drag and drop my image to a certain position.But when i scroll the content of the screen,the image does not go up or down with the rest of the content.I don't know what to do..