Drag and Drop Issues

Hi! I'm Jamie. shared this problem 5 years ago

The drag and drop feature seems to be broken in the app. For example, I can not drag a button widget to a screen in the screens tab to create a link. Also, I can not drag a table row to a Variable.

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Are you dragging a simple button or a button from a widget library? Some buttons in the libraries we have in our website or the ones that comes with Prototyper under the tab 'My widgets' are groups of elements. So maybe the button you are trying to drag into a screen is a group of other elements. You can check that out in the Outline tab. If so, then you just need to select the element you want inside the group and then drag it to the screen.

As for the rows in tables, well, that's just a limitation of how it works. They're maybe the only thing you can't drag to a screen. What you do can drag are the cells from the tables, though.