display specific record of a datamaster, and go next / previous record

PMS PMS shared this question 4 years ago

Hi all,

I have rencently used datamaster functionality. It's ok to display all content, to manage pagination, to use variable to link into another screen...

But I can't find the solution of my problem :

- Screen 1 : I display all records of my datamaster "MySample" in a datagrid.

- When I select one record (eg : "SampleOne") , I want to go to another screen which display the selected record. With the tutorial "Edit form" using variable, it's easy to do this :-)

- My problem is at the last step : in my second screen (I have my input form which display "SampleOne") , I want to go display the previous or next record of the datamaster. I triedd to attribute a "Next / Previous" Pagination Action, but it doesn't matter...

Someone can help me ?


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one thing, the FILTER solution is not responding at my issue, because i need to navigate on all entire datamaster record. FILTER fonction transform the datamaster result in one record....


to resume : I need to display all my datamaster records, but i want to display first a specific row.