Disable page redirect, IF a button is clicked?

MorganCaputo shared this question 6 years ago

I have a pause interaction on my page that loads a second page after a 10sec delay. I want this to happen MOST of the time, unless users click a certain button in those 10 seconds. Is there a way to do this in Justinmind? Seems like an "if" statement, like "if clicked then do not redirect page..." any ideas?

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You can create a variable to control that. Create a new variable and write as default value something like 'run delay'. Then, above the 'pause' interaction you defined click on the 'add condition' option. There drag the variable, an = function and write something like 'run delay'. Then go to the button that has to disable that and create an event like this: on click -> set value -> variable you created -> value is (you can leave it blank).