Different text styles for headings

petteri.miinalainen shared this idea 6 years ago

Problem comes from having only "Label" text widget. If i create templates and my own widgets for heading levels 1, 2, 3 and helper text etc and use them around prototype, it's all good until i need to change style.

If i resort to master styles, it will overwrite all my custom masters and widgets as well. Basically everything that originates from Label. I can go back to open each master and restyle them, but I think i shouldn't have to.

You'll either need to

- provide heading1 heading 2 etc. widgets and their own controls in master styles.

- allow us to create new widgets and masters with "Lock style from master style changes" -option.

This is really needed as it makes re-use of existing parts and pages in new prototypes way too cumbersome. If i have different client, I will have different style. Period. But, I still need same structural elements, i.e. heading 1 etc and i just want to re-style them for new prototype.

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You are absolutely right. That need is being delayed because I want to add it inside a project to define kind of CSS styles in the prototype. That project would take a lot of time to do so other projects are getting more priority. We will eventually do it but, if I see that project is going to be delayed even more, then we would need to add those H1, H2 and H3 widgets in the meantime.



Is there a news on the text style definition. Such as:

1 - defining a text style

2 - associate a text widget with a text style.

3 - when the text style changes the text will be apdated.

4 - Only associated text widgets are updated an no all of a same template.

If you have some nexs about this request I will be very very very Happy :)