Delayed response to copy/paste and selection commands

Kade Schemahorn shared this problem 4 years ago

Running into two issues that feel similar.

1. When pasting anything, the application responds immediately about half the time. The other half requires me to click again before the paste operation will complete.

2. The cursor state is not updating appropriately. In particular, when I click on a screen list item in the Screens panel, the cursor is turning to a "hold" state as if I'm dragging it to reorder even though my mouse button is up. If I then try to click on content in the canvas in this state, it's being treated as a drag. 47f665edae06101e6e2721c44136b0a4

Running the latest version of Justinmind on a Macbook Pro with Mavericks

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UPDATE: This only occurs when I've customized the workspace. After I reset it to default, these problems went away. It would be nice to be able to customize the workspace without adverse effects.