DataGrid Row OnPageLoad event equivalent after setValue Filter

Richard Lamb shared this problem 5 years ago

In the Spots iPhone example the "favorite" button doesn't update properly after searching destinations. It's updated by an OnPageLoad event that doesn't fire after using the search.

Is there a way to make this work better? (I'm trying to do something similar)

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Hello Richard,

Today I posted something that may help you figure out how. I'm using fake event triggering by using 0 px input fields, On Focus and "Set Focus On".

I hope it helps you and you figure out a batter way I'm gonna be glad you to share it too.

One important think is not to hide the 0px input fiel. With 0 x 0 px there no problem.

A side effect is some tolerable weird behavior when the action goes to focus the input but it's something acceptable for my case.

Here's the link:

Unfortunately the customer support leaves much be desired. They don't answer many of the questions or problems reported. Maybe it's because they only have 1 person attending all of us. That's a shame but that's how it is at this very moment.


Couldn't get it to work with 0px text field.

For now I'm just sending the user to a different screen after each 'search' so the OnPageLoad event gets triggered for each row in the datagrid.


You must be sure you input is not hidden. If it is the focus on action doesn't trigger.

You can test it by making it bigger than 0 x 0 and then if everything is OK you can set it to 0 x 0 px.

You should also be sure you set borders to 0. If you don't JIMP is not gonna let you have 0 px due the fact the margins use at least 1 px.