Data Master Field changes not reflected in associated Custom Select List

Mark Rupp shared this question 4 years ago

I am having trouble getting a datamaster driven custom select list to update when changes to the datamaster are made.

I have a Data Master Field: Sample.SampleCategory

This Data Master Field is set as the value for a custom select list. It is displaying the defaults contents of Sample.SampleCategory as expected.

Now on another page I have a button that calls new(Sample) [SampleCategory = test]

When I simulate and use the button the custom select list isn't updated with the new SampleCategory "test".

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

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You will have to add an on Page Load event on the page where you have the custom select list.

The action has to be a Set Value and the expression has to be:

Select(DataMaster, Attribute) where DataMaster is the data master from where you want to get the data and Attribute is the attribute you choose.




That did the trick. Thank you for the prompt response!