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Alessio shared this problem 4 years ago

I want to create a new row in a data master, passing 2 text attributes and an image, when i click on a row of an another datamaster. The problem is that when i create the event Data Master Action on click, and put the image component in the expression, this become highlighted in red and the alert say: "The highlighted expression is. Replace it for another one having a text result."

Is this a bug, or i can solve this with some work around?

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Hello Alessio,

The reason you are receiving this error is because the data master field (Foto) is expecting a text value. Since the value of a image widget doesn't return text, it can't complete this action. In order to add a row with a picture, you will need to specify the file path as the text for the data master field holding the image. You may find the following tutorial helpful in understanding this:




Thanks Luisa,

i solved putting the image widget in a variable, and then passing the variable in the expression of the Data Master Action.

I love you all :D :D