Customizing select lists in data masters dynamically

Gwen Singley shared this question 6 years ago

I have a data master that has an image, a couple of text fields, and a category select list in each row. When I add a new row to the data master by setting an interaction on a button, I can customize the text fields, but is there any way to customize the options in the category select list dynamically for each new added row?

For instance, say I had a list of fruit, and each row in the list displayed the fruit name and a select list with specific varieties. So if I add a row for an apple, the name field would display "Apple" and the options in the category select would be "Macintosh", "Delicious", and "Gala". If I add a row for an orange, the name field would say "Orange" and the category options would be "Navel" and "Mandarin".

(Note that the rows are added to the data master on before the related data grid is ever displayed.)

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I don't know if there is a way to do that. What you can do is to place a dynamic panel inside the row and then have as many panels as possible drop downs you have. Then define an onpageload event on that dynamic panel that, depending on some value of the row, it shows one drop down or another.