Custom/Whitelabel Review URL for sharing prototypes in UserNote

Ibrahim Turan shared this idea 5 years ago

It would be nice to have a whitelabel Usernote review link.

Now when sharing a prototype link it always shows:

I know the pre-fix helps you guys selling (or was just an easy solution), but our customers (the customer of your customer) will never go to (or at least pay for it).

I now have to upload to my own server and only then have a white-label option like . Missing the Comments functionality and having problems with browser-chache when uploading a new version... :(

It would be nice to somewhat have this functionality built in Usernote so I can "customize" the URL , and have the comments including caching fixed perfectly!

It could even be something like or or .

This would increase the service to you real customers (designers, developers, and give them more credibility across their customers making more sales in the end).

It also looks nicer and more fancy url.