Creating variables from Masters and Calling them from other Masters

Thomas A shared this question 5 years ago

When I try to create a variable by dragging from a master onto a variable name (like your video shows) the red "no" symbol appears. I have also tried this from all different screens with the same result.

I have a sidebar in one Master which I have 1 section hidden, I want to create a variable so depending on what (other) masters I am using it will show that hidden area.

Sidebar (In Sidebar Master)

Overviews Master= Show

Tasks Master = Hidden

Errors Master = Show

Any ideas?

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You can't associate masters with variables but just widgets. Try the same but with widgets inside your masters.


I watched your video but I am still confused on variables since I did create a widget but the variables will still not let me drag & drop on top of the variable.


Answered by email.