Creating prototype for multiple-choice test

Carl shared this question 5 years ago

I'm new to JIM and would like to create a prototype for a multiple-choice test that takes sample questions & answers from an Excel spreadsheet or a mySQL database and stores the user's answers to check whether they are right or wrong and to tell the user accordingly after each answer they submit. The prototype should also store the answers to calculate a score at the end. Having done some reading in the Help function and having watched a few videos, it seems that the core components for this are radio lists, data masters and variables, but if anyone knows of a good video on this topic or even a ready example, I would be very grateful, as cobbling the necessary know-how together seems to be a very time-consuming task...

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Hi Carl,

We don't have a ready example for multiple-choice test, so I created a prototype for you. This example is kind of long and a bit complicated, so I think it would be better if I just send you the .vp file. Please send a request to



Using the Prototype/VP/generated HTML files, I want to to fetch inventory data from a MySQL database.

How to connect to a mysql database which is running on my hosting server ?