Creating iPhone app prototype

Benny shared this question 7 years ago

How did you create the iPhone prototype example (Oct 27 blog entry) without the default comment window (i.e. Prototype, Screens, Comments, etc) on the left? After I turned off the left window, I have to manually resize and move the screen to align with the actual iPhone screen. How did you do all of this automatically to make it look like a real app?

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You can remove the left panel from the beginning either when you export to html from inside Prototyper and when you publish the prototype to Usernote. Once you publish it in Usernote you have to push the 'create test' button and choose 'no javascript' integration. Then Usernote will publish the prototype in a URL that doesn't have the left panel and that escalates properly in mobile devices.

To do the same with the exported html inside Prototyper you have to go to File -> Preferences and deselect the option 'include comments'. Then if you export your html it won't have the left panel.