Create an Event Library, "Event of the Day" and importing Events

Michael Magoon shared this idea 7 years ago

You guys did an awesome job of creating the widget library. It adds a tremendous amount of value to Justinmind. Everything would be must harder without it.

I am wondering if you would consider putting together an Event Library. The overall UI design of Justinmind is excellent. I find that I am ramping up from a beginner to an intermediate quickly (partly thanks to your user manual and training videos), but I find that I am struggling to learn how to implement events correctly. I notice that in your Support Forum, you post examples of Events in Justinmind. These are very helpful, but they are bit hard to find. If you organized these into categories and made them searchable, this would help me find them.

Even more importantly, you should not wait for someone to ask a question. You still have a small user base, so you need to get ahead of the curve. You guys obviously have a great deal of technical expertise on creating Events, but it is not always getting out to the users. I understand that you are focussed on adding more features, but don't forget to help users master the features that you have.

You could release one event per day and slowly build up a comprehensive library. Call it the "Event of the Day" and email it out. It is not essential, but if users could import events, it would make it easier.