Connecting to a MySQL database

pratik shared this question 4 years ago

Using the Prototype/VP/generated HTML files, I want to to fetch inventory data from a real world MySQL database.

How to connect to a Mysql database which is running on my hosting server ?

I have seen examples which use a data master and manually enter data via the Prototyper, but i don't want that.

The data should be loaded from a MySQL/SQL Server database.



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Hello Pratik,

Within JustInMind, you may import CSV files generated by a database as a data source. When importing, the data pulled from the CSV will produce a data master (File -> Import -> Data Master from CSV). However, a real time connection with the mySQL/ SQL Server instance is not possible at this time.




I mean after i have generated HTML and hosted the HTML on a webserver, is there a way to make the html fetch mysql data ?

Has someone developed a plugin that connects justinmind-html with a database, on a production/hosting server ?

We did create a datamaster while using the prototyper, but now that part is done.

We've generated the HTML and hosted it on a server.

I've seen people developing plugins via the Eclipse extension, they read the VP file, but none of those plugins interact with a database.

Is it possible to wrote a plugin that connects JIM-HTML to a database ?

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.