Color selector doesn't show selected color. In fact, known selected color is not in the list at all.

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

As you can see in the animated GIF above, a background color has been selected for a "Change Style" action (you can see it, because the color chip is not the default, which is, I think, white).

When I click the color chip, I see that the selected color is not one of the standard colors, nor is it present in the scrolling list of custom colors or custom gradients.

This makes it impossible to use this feature of Justinmind.

6.2.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.5.

My workaround is to run the simulation, then use the browser's developer tools to figure out what color the button is supposed to be in its activated state, then go back into Justinmind and manually type that color code. This is not good enough.