Clear search, add rows, and move text with 1 click

Jesse Rhee shared this question 4 years ago

I need 3 actions on 1 widget. For this example, I'm using a button called 'Add Another'. Each time I click this button, I need it to clear the text that was entered in the boxes above it, and add a row to the table below it.

The table should just start as a header with no rows, and then on the first click of 'Add Another', show the header and row 1. On the second click of 'Add Another' it would show the header, rows 1, and row 2 (and so and so on).

Additionally, I need the text box underneath the table to adjust it's position as I add rows to the table. It would more or less look like the table rows are pushing the text downwards on the screen.

Can you please explain how I can build this? I'm stuck.

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Hi Jesse,

Check out this tutorial:

it will teach you how to add the rows.

To empty the text box you have to add another action to the event. This has to be a Set Value action and don't write or select anything else. This will empty the content.

To simulate the "push" you have to drag a dynamic panel, set it's layout to vertical (you can find this in properties) and drag the components inside it. (Make sure you are in edit mode for the dynamic panel when you do this by right clicking the panel and clicking "Edit Content")

I hope this helps you with your prototype.

Best regards,