Change Default Layer for Master with Dynamic Panel

Rebecca shared this idea 4 years ago

When creating masters for things such as navigation where a dynamic panel is involved, it would be nice to be able to change the default layer of the dynamic panel when adding the master to a page.

For example, if I have a hamburger icon that triggers a slide out menu, then I create the menu as a master. When the link is clicked, the active page's label and icon change to highlighted, and the background for that item changes as well. Sure, I could add dozens of widgets to change the styling of each of those items or add dozens of events. However, that makes it really messy and there is a complication - if the menu is collapsed, the selected page's icon should be colored differently as well. This is where the dynamic panel works really well. The events are minimal (just simple link events), and the widgets are easy to manage on the panel.

The master allows me to keep the styling consistent, and if there is a page added, I only have to add it to the master. Except, I can't change the default panel on different pages - which means I have to break the master. Then I'm back to having to update every single page when a change is needed. So it would be awesome to have the ability to change the default panel for a master.