Can't launch Prototyper anymore...HELP!

Justin Bartlett shared this problem 5 years ago

When I try and launch Prototyper it doesn't work. Just the one menu as per screenshot appears. WHile using it, I got a message to instal the latest Java. I'm thinking this must have something to do with it.

I'm in the middle of a project that has a deadline, please respond ASAP


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Your problem seems to be related with an issue that is happening on Mac users. It seems that sometimes the application doesn’t start correctly, in that cases the application seems to be opened because it appears at the top main menu and also the Prototyper Pro icon is displayed on the applications bottom bar however the application workspace doesn’t appear. Usually this happens if the application is starting and it’s closed before the workspace is completely loaded. This is currently fixed and will be included in our next release planned to be released ina few weeks. Meanwhile you can follow the next steps to solve your problem:

1. In this process you are going to delete your workspace configuration, so if you have any 'My widget' you want to keep, go to “your user folder”/Justinmind/5.1.0 and make a backup of the “etc” folder (e.g. you can copy this folder on your desktop).

2. Close the Justinmind Prototyper application. Please make sure that the application is totally closed ( you can use the “Force quit” option), in other case these instructions will not work.

3. Go to your user folder then open ‘Justinmind’ folder and remove all the contents inside it ( 5.0.0, 5.1.0, ...).

4. If you try to open Prototyper Pro again this time should start properly.


Thanks Victor.

Fixed and working again.

Thanks for the prompt reply.