Cannot paste into "New Requirement" form fields

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

I don't understand why users are prevented from pasting into the "New Requirements" form in Justinmind. Sometimes, requirements come via email, instant message, etc: Please allow us to copy and paste into these fields.

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1) Be a Mac user

2) Buy and install "Keyboard Maestro"

3) Create a macro that performs the "Insert Text" action

4) Choose "Insert text by typing"

5) Choose "Insert Token > Current Clipboard"

6) Give the macro a reasonable name ( I went with "Overcome Paste Prevention") and hot key trigger (I went with Option-Command-V)

7) Vote for this bug so that Justinmind removes this restriction, please.


Could you tell us some details about your computer please? We have done a quick test on a Mac 10.9.4 and a Windows 7 and both seems to work fine.