Can you add the pattern support? (a container linked with a data master)

Benjamin Mourlon shared this idea 6 years ago

It could be useful if we could link our custom widgets with data masters to make a dynamic widget library.

Practical examples :

- A "Category" data master, with ID, Icon, Label and Description,

and a "dynamic rich menu" widget with only icons and rich interactions like showing the label and description with an effect when the mouse is over the icon.

Like this :



[icon]>{Label} (and custom tooltip with the description when mouseOver)


The idea is to have useful dynamic widgets synchronized with data masters on multiple screens, like :

- A "list of online users" widget, with a profile resume custom tooltip on each profile picture.

- A dynamic chat widget

- Auto-generated menus

- A dynamic multi-columns mosaic product list

- or just a product page


I know Masters can do quite the same, but with a lot of time!

The solution may be quite simple (as long as it doesn't change the global system) :

1) Make some containers (Table, Menu and Dynamic panels for example) "pattern container" checkable, containing only 1 Pattern element if checked, and on which a filter can be applied on the data master rows.

2) Create a new container called Pattern linked with a data master and with a default row choose by an expression.

3) Each element inside the pattern (texts and images) can has his value linked with a data master field.