Can I upload existing PDFs or JPGs of my wireframes to use this tool or do I have to create my prototype with your software?

Rachel Maynard shared this question 4 years ago

I love that Justinmind integrates with which we use constantly for our clients. I would like to be able to create wireframes in another program and upload them here as PDFs to create an interactive experience for testing. Will I be able to do this if I purchase a subscription to this service or will I have to create wireframes within your software?

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Hi Rachel,

You will have to create a prototype with our software but you can simply create as many pages as images you have and put one image in each page. Then you will have to create links from one screen to each other. There is a widget called image map that is a transparent rectangle that can be clicked (perfect if you have links, buttons... that take you to other screens)

I hope this helps you.