Can I force a prototype screen to open in new tab (when in HTML)?

Troy Surdick shared this question 4 years ago

I'm working on a prototype where one of the primary things I want to illustrate is the navigation from one screen to another. Specifically, there are some cases where a screen should overwrite the one that launched it, but there are others where the screen being launched needs to open in a new browser tab (keeping the "launching" screen in focus). Does anyone know of a good way to illustrate this in the mockup? My current workaround is to just provide a pop-up message informing the user/reviewer of how this should appear and giving them the option to view the new page vs. the current one (and adding a links to them both allowing user to navigate back & forth as desired).

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Hi Troy,

You can force the next screen to open in a new window by creating a "Link to" action and selecting the popup checkbox at the bottom of the window. You will have to resize the popup window in the options given. The only issue is that the focus will be in the popup window.

We will take this into account for future updates and you will be notified when this feature is included in a release.

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