Can I create a widget that can reside in a single target screen yet return user to the page they navigated from shared this question 5 years ago

I have a some features that are not avalible on in the prototype when the action is taken ( the target activated ) the user is taken to a sample screen that demonstrates and explains the feature in the full version. To navigate back to the page they were on they press a back button. my question is . Is there a way to have some logic created for the widget such that it returns the user to the page they navigated from? Right now to deal with this my choices are to only have those features active in one screen. or create a series of screens for each screen that the features care active in and link the back button to the originating screen. I have the same issue with the home (main menu button).

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Sure, you can simulate a back button by creating an event of type "link to" and selecting the option 'previous screen'.