Calling a Data Master Modify from a grid removes choices in the drop-downs for category fields.

Michael Heilman shared this problem 5 years ago

In a data grid I have a save button to save a record to the data master after editing. The changes are saved as expected, but the fields that are category fields no longer have all of their choices showing after the save.

Here is the drop-down before hitting save:


And here is the drop-down after hitting save:

...I cannot get the screen grab to work for this, not sure why. But only the selected option is available in the drop-down...

And here is the Modify I am calling from a button in a cell in Row 1

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Hi Michael,

It's difficult to tell you if it is a bug or if there is something wrong on your prototype. Do you mind to send us your prototype to at so we can figure out what's happening?

Best regards.


Thanks, I sent in the prototype file.