Bugs when using a pc-made prototype in a mac: drop down lists won't drop down.

Carlos shared this problem 6 years ago

I cannot use my pc-made prototype in a mac due to a bug: none of my dropdown lists will drop down.

I've used a PC with previous versions of prototyper, now having 4.5, and since it is extremely slow to work with my prototyper file (it's 82 MB), I've switched to a mac to see if it isn't so extremely slow (it is a little less slow). The problem I encounter is that I can ́t use my prototype with a mac since none of the dropdown lists drop down (and I have many!). When simulating, if you select it, the drop down list drops down for a millisecond closing down immediately (and curiously the top menu bar is shown each time a drop down list is clicked), making it impossible to make any selection.

I've tried to identify where the bug is, but I can't: I created a new empty file with a drop down list with my pc and opened it after with a mac, and the drop down list in this case works. Yep, not with my prototype.


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Does it happen when you export the prototype to HTML as well?