Bug: outline selection suddenly jumps away from clicked component in interactions editor

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

As shown in the following screen capture:


At about 8 seconds in that video, I click the component just above a grouped component, which triggers the canvas panel to begin its slide to reveal the selected component.

For a split fraction of a second just before 9 seconds in the video, the correct component is selected (drag the video slider left and right around the 9 second mark, and you'll see that component flash in the outline), but then the outline scrolls suddenly, and an element 2 lines higher in the outline becomes selected.

Then, at about 11 seconds, you can see me slide down and re-select the correct element.

On the attempt captured here, it worked on the first try. On several earlier edits, it took two or three "re-clicks" to get it to settle on the correct element.

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Did this bug fall into a black hole? It's almost 20 days, and I have no idea if anybody at Justinmind saw it... It's still happening, and it's quite irritating.


Sorry for the delay. We've been able to reproduce the error. It seems it happens just in Mac computers. The dev. team has been notified so they can work on a fix.