Best practices on reviewer access to prototype on Usernote

Michael Magoon shared this question 7 years ago

Do you have any tips on how reviewers should access prototypes via Usernote? I really like the feature that sends out automated emails when I grant a user access to Usernote. And the automated emails when I update is also good?

But it is not always the case that a reviewer wants to view the prototype as soon as it is released. I could ask them to save each email, but I could see the possibilities of reviewers being unable to find the original email or finding a link to an outdated version (they have separate URLs, correct?)

I tried bookmarking the prototypes, but sometimes only the navigation frame is bookmarked. Perhaps I did something wrong. And if updates are release, the bookmark does not function, correct?

Is there anything we can do other than asking them to save the original email?

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A follow-up. If a reviewer loses or cannot find the original email (or never got it), is it possible to resend the email or at least the URL?