Best App to test your prototypes in IOs iPad device and offline

Sara Nuño Balmori shared this thanks 4 years ago

I tried different ways to test my prototypes in my iPad device;

1. Using usernote (codec QR)

2. Upload the full HTML exported from Just in Mind into a free host and then access them from safari's mobile version, on the device.

3. Download an external app called "Protosee", and recommended by Just in Mind in its website.

4. Using another external app called "Sites2go", also recommended by Just in Mind.

5. Using HTML Presenter App

I want to explain my experience with each one of them. First of all, the online solutions (1 and 2) were not OK for me, because the interaction was really really slow.. Secondly, Protosee is a very good app, it allows you to import your HTML exported from Just in Mind, and also it allows you to import custom fonts (really appreciated). So, you can test your prototypes offline and the interaction is very fluent and enough fast. But, I found a problem; it doesn't run my HTML widgets created with Just in Mind (I had some HTML widgets with just tags for music background, and "Protosee" didn't reproduce any sound :(.. ). So, I tried with "sites2go", but it wasn't like I expected, because it doesn't use a native app background and shows your prototype like a web (the screen is not fixed to the corners...) and also it has advertisements!

So, finally I found another app called "HTML Presenter". HTML presenter is an iOS app which will allow you to present and test your HTML prototypes directly on your iPad device (not available for iPhone or Android devices). It works very similar to "Protosee" and you also can import your HTML exported (zipped) from dropbox to HTML Presenter. And the sound was perfect on that ! :D. But I found another problem... You have to import -by other way- all your custom fonts you need to your prototype. I used another app called "Anyfont", it allows you to import any font -(TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), OpenTypeFont- (.otf) or TrueType Collection- (.ttc)- from your computer (using iTunes) and then they are installed on your device (iPad in my case).

I just want to recommend you my final option; "HTML Presenter" + "Anyfont". They are really good tools and allows you to present and to test your Just in Mind prototypes, directly on your IOs devices, anywhere and anytime without Wifi conection!

HTML Presenter:


So, I hope to see a native app from Just in mind which we can test prototypes on our devices (iOS and Android) without problems ;).