Basic dynamic panel interaction question

danworld shared this question 6 years ago

I can't get this interaction to work properly.

This is in a master.

There is an image which is the button. And there is a dynamic panel with 2 panels.

The panels are set up properly.

I add the interaction to the image "on click" > "set active panel" > "Panel_2"

It does nothing.

What I want to happen is for it to toggle between the two panels whenever the button is clicked.

I've looked over all the tutorials (one of them even tells you to do show/hide, which doesn't work anymore with dynamic panels). I was also able to get such interactions working in Axure with little problem.


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Hi Dan,

Please send your example to [at]

From your description this is how it should work, support will clarify your concern.


Thanks for the help. JIM support showed me to use "On toggle" instead of "On click" and it works like a charm.