"AutoFit text": Is it supposed to only shrink the container, but not expand it?

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

On Rich Text widgets, it appears that selecting "AutoFit text" only works:

1) To shrink an oversized widget to contain the text

2) At the moment when you click the checkbox, but not if the text in the widget is edited

I'm not really sure whether this feature is meant to work during editing, or is intended to take effect when the prototype is being used.

If it's the former, then

1) Please make it expand the widget to contain the text (minimizing unnecessary word-wrapping in the process), as well as contract to eliminate space around the text.

2) Please make it resize the widget (width and height, minimizing unnecessary word-wrapping in the process) if its text is edited.

Thank you!

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In the case of the rich texts, what it shrinks is the height, width remains fixed. In the case of labels, the height is the one that is fixed an the width the one to expand and shrink


Thanks. It seemed to me that the width of Rich Text elements is affected by this setting, although I'm not entirely sure how to trigger that behavior just now.

I found that turning on this setting, then setting (and locking) the width makes it behave as described.